QR, Snap Code or Image recognition systems thrived. Thanks to Apple and Android systems automatically scan the QR codes and the secret of the success is bridging the user with relevant data and service. Marketing opportunities are inifinitive; our focus is on dynamically bring the user services in ecommerce term, eliminating delaying and encourage the instant, friendly services. QR services can be used in products, services, auto galleries, business cards. QR brings right information at right moment to the users in right display. As we do provide the QR code with a depthness with interconnecting these services within the most viable ecosystem.

Generating QR codes dynamically with cute designs and offering them to the right space with purchase and payment solutions is part of this compact package. Making avalable right content, at right scale is critical where quality and unique selling point is embraced. The overall experience is entertaining and joyful. QR services are complimentary to products and services by adding extra value and ultimately set to accelarate the dedicated interest of users.

Our Team


Eyup Togan

CEO & Founder

Eyup, one of the founders of our team, contributes from the point of marketing and product development in the UK market. He is doing his PhD in London.



Güney Uzun

Develeper & Founder

He is the founder of our teamresponsible for software development.He is a graduate of Istanbul University, Department of Mathematics.



Enes Kurt


Enes, who has recently joined our team, supports us in software development. He is a graduate of Computer Programming.



Invest Us
By the acceleration of digitalisation, we do provide solutions user friendly, selectively informative and on real time with our dynamic code regenerating and data control system. Sectors are so diverse and often interlinked to each other. We are open to the fund raising and investment based on revenue sharing and partnership. To discuss set of options and how you can take place in this evolving digital ecosystem with us, contact us.   



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As QR Barcode Software and Business Development Team, you can be sure that we have received your suggestions and suggestions for sharing with us for your satisfaction.