Organic QR Code

QR Code sytem is instant system which lead customers to the key product information fororganic and all other products. QR codes can be used to identify organic food with their the most critical info tag with an instant touch to the QR sticker.

We offer you to create for your food products QR codes and also for vantage shelves and packages. We can make QR codes when you share information with an Excel sheet and the product name, organic feature, allergic non-alergic, country of origin and harvested time, fertilising kind of information can be given. Nowadays, givng all ingredients is encouraged by government and for customers those like to see all product info can scroll down for more.We can manage information for stickers,for website and at right time can lead them to the right space for their desired information.

Thanks now their scanning is automatic in all Iphones. No download is needed. In Androids, some Samsung mobiles have also preloaded with QR recognition from their cameras.For other android devices, there are many free apps for QR scanning like "QR droid".

In market, QR codes are only available as static link in websites and when link has changed customerscan not reach to the product. Our dynamic QR codes makes changes in real time for the product and so always the most up to date information are accessed by customers. Websites are not addedup perfectly for this serviceand to add product info, two seperated works aredone such as inserting to webmaster and for a QR code go to aqrcode generator. Then the link has been copy and pasted for archive. Afterwards their matching is not an easy task as codes and products do not match all the time with precision. We do serve you with a complete easiness in QR codes.


You can add products from our "control panel". With one click,add photo and add a video link for video. Do create QR code from the same place. When saving QR code is created and you can save it as photo to your PC. Products will be in chart and all updates can be done from this control panel.So all content will be dynamic and instant. One of key features in our services is to enable you who and when scanned ypur products acan be tracked down.

We have developed a software in high quality and customerswill be familiar to our screen design.Mobile adapted product cards will make available photo, video,the place of harvest in a map, the certificate of organic, allergy info and halal and many more. Wecan create all QR codes ourselves in initial stage and then you can do that tthrough our control panel which will be in your command and that can be shared with your suppliers etc


Sample Qr Barcode Product Links :

Customer Happness

We offer you customer happness with fast and easy QR code solution as well. We can find out how many people checked survey, what questions are answered, and how many points are given, and total figures, all can be seen by yourself. Surveys can be conducted via mail, mobile and content notes. You can prepere surveys for each individual products.

Vcard service

Vcard service can give access to all selected personal information and contact information over QR codes. All is updatable. Those can be displayed in different sizes at windows, vehicles and brochures. The scanning statistics are always collected. We can create a barcode that shows your contact information with qr code as vcard. You can change the content at any time. You can see an example at the bottom.